London-based architectural optimist. Detail-obsessed, reflection-driven and a shadow-hunter.

The science of NOW:

In the ether of the internet as Veronicadelica.

2018 Middleweight 3D Designer @ STUDIO XAG

2015 MDes Interior Design graduate (First Class Honours) 

2011 Spatial Design Technician

Always interested in a wide spectrum of design beginning with spatial design, its behavioural basis, the methodology of design, through modernist architecture, fashion and various cultural phenomena. Reading Bucky Fuller,  Julian Cope and John Chris Jones books. Watching Synth Britannia. Drinking Earl Grey with milk. Buying guitar pedals.

Dreamzones to be photographed: Balkans, Germany, Cornwall, Mexico etc.

All the interior projects here have been undertaken during my time at the university; however, postmodernscapism remains my personal passion and stays outside the academic curriculum; hence- the escapism.

~postmodernscapism: the name derives from post-modernist pluralism, scap/e-ism as portraying the more industrial form of a landscape as well as (e)scapism - a means to escape through mixed-media photography. I take pics and try to make the image look like I see it in my head. Cameras are rarely objective. True reality is in our heads.

~modern pagan: futuristic cult of the Earth, landscape utopia, satellite travelling. all images copyright of Google Maps, further edited by me.




tumblr  (artwork + personal inspiration)

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